CDMA Sim Card

    CDMA Sim Card
    For any CDMA Device
    No Contract
    Keep Your Same Number

    iPhone 4 w/Service
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      Apple iPhone 4
      8GB (Refurbished)
      Free 2 Months Unlimited Service
      (2 Months $30 Plan FREE)

      Gusto 3 w/Service
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        Gusto 3 Handset
        CDMA Device
        Only $35
        Comes with 1000/1000/500gb

        iPhone 5C 8GB w/Service
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          Apple iPhone 5c 
          8GB  (Refurbished)
          Free 1 Month Unlimited Service
          (1 Month $30 Plan FREE)

          iPhone 5C 16GB w/Service
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            Apple iPhone 5c 
            16GB (Refurbished)
            Free 1 Month Unlimited Service
            (1 Month $30 Plan FREE)

            iPhone 5S w/Service
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              Apple iPhone 5S 
              16GB Factory Unlocked
              Free 1 Month Unlimited Service
              (1 Month $30 Plan FREE)

              Unlimited data is unlimited to 3/2g speeds after use of your plans LTE

              Yarnell Cell Phone Service Unlimited Plans and Internet!

              Running on one of Americas Largest LTE Netwroks

              • Great Service

                WE offer 24/7 service on all of our plans and service. Make the switch today.

              • The Best Plans

                We offer the best cellular and data plans around all without being tied to a contract.

              • Need Help?

                Stop by our store or call us for help with your device anytime!

              Yarnell Cellular Frequently Asked Questions...

              Get answers on service, plans and phones in Yarnell Arizona

              What service do you offer for cellular plans?

              We offer multiple plans all "CONTRACT FREE", our services run on all of the major networks across America. For Yarnell we run on CDMA which utilizes the networks of Verizon and Sprint. Our service can ruin on any of the major networks here in the United States.


              How do I refill my plan?

              You can refill your plan in numerous ways, our systems will alert you via text a few days before your plan is up. You can come into the store in Yarnell, refill online, buy a refill card, call us to refill, or purchase right here o n our site.

              What does unlimited mean on the plans?

              Unlimited is just that, you have no caps, make as many calls and texts as you wish. Unlimited cellular data is unlimited LTE to the amount of MB or GB your purchase then it drops down after to 2 and 3G.


              Can I use your service with my current phone and keep my number?

              YES, in most cases any cdma phone will work on our service with or without a sim card. If you dont have a sim card in your phone simply come into the store and we will activate it for you on our service. If you want to keep your number we can port it in to our service.